• Bam animal clinics CPD
    outreach practical activity
    mainly on an extensive farming system

  • South Eastern Vets
    trained as TOTs in animal welfare health
    at Sana country Hotel Iganga

  • On site training on animal handling
    and restrain. By Bam facilitators
    during the CPD training program

  • Our Donkey welfare activities
    in Sebei region with hundreds of Donkeys
    on site needing our support.


Bam Animal Clinics is an animal welfare/health charity organization founded in August 2009 . It was birthed out of love and concern for pets living in the hands of cruel "masters", those that had no homes and spent their entire lifetime on the streets, scratching through the garbage for a bone and also the concern about the lives of other domestic animals living in poor conditions.Before the organization's formation, the founder DR David Balondemu worked with the department of veterinary services in Iganga district, he recalls the number of cases presented at the office then regarding dogbites and how the victim dogs were treated , either killed or beatten severely and consequently isolated. There was total chaos and something was to be done to imrpove the welfare of animals in the country.




  • Mission Statement

    Engage community members in animal welfare in support of a holistic One Health Approach and sustainable development. .

  • Our Goal

    To transform the animal resources sector through adoption of good animal welfare practices for the human wellbeing, sustainable livelihoods, poverty reduction and economic growth

  • Our Objectives

    To promote animal health and wellness by providing comprehensive free veterinary services in Uganda's remote and impoverished villages and provides various animal welfare services to the community including.