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Who We Are

Bam Animal Clinics is an animal welfare/health charity organization founded in August 2009.Read More

Our Vision

We Aim at effectively work and restore the dignity of wild and domestic animals in Uganda. Our efforts are geared towards sensitization and education on animal rights and care.

Working Hours

We work 24 hours a day !

Bam Animal Clinics is an animal welfare/health charity organization founded in August 2009. It was birthed out of love and concern for pets living in the hands of cruel "masters", those that had no homes and spent their entire lifetime on the streets, scratching through the garbage for a bone and also the concern about the lives of other domestic animals living in poor conditions.  Read more

"Dedicated to improving the lives of all animals through increased public awareness"



Your donations directly fund our charitable work at Bam Animal Clinics .

#Our Services

We are dedicated to improving the lives of all animal, through increased public awareness

Mugazi MaryJinja Town

Everyone is wonderful – we have been going to Bam Animal Clinics We know you love our pets and we thank you for the great care they receive from you!

Namakula SarahIganga Town

Great vet care, lovely staff to work with, I feel like everyone truly cares about my pets – very accessible and available. Bam has helped me for over 5 years to take care of many beloved pets!

Fred MutabaziMasaka Districts

I have used the Best Friend Vet Services for quite awhile and have always been very satisfied with Bam their attention and friendly staff. I would gladly recommend them to my friends and neighbors and have done so in the past.


An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect your academic experience with the professional work arena. At Bam we allow you to gain valuable exposure to the animal world giving competitive edge in job search..
  • Internship Objectives

    Gain professional hands-on animal care experience at a wild animal sanctuary and educational facility.
  • Non-Salaried

    Internships are non-salaried but can possibly include a stipend. Lodging and meals are provided..
  • Two Letters Of Reference

    Two letters of reference including addresses and contact numbers from two individuals not related to you.
  • One School Reference

    One school reference (school contacts/phone numbers, NOT letters) must be submitted with the application.

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In Partnerhsip With the WTG Vets United
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