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Balondemu David -Program coordinator.
Postal address: P.O Box 55 Iganga Eastern Region Uganda
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Bam Animal Clinics is an Animal Welfare charity organization formed to promote the protection, love, and advocacy of all animals in Uganda . It was noted for a long time that in many areas around animals suffer from negligence, inadequate provisions like food, water, shelters and veterinary care services.
Since Bam formation in August 2009, we have been engaging communities especially in Busoga Region and its surroundings in Mobilization, sensitization, Education, Vaccination, Treatments, Rescue, Rehoming, Spay/Neuter activities.
It was also noted that Animal handling/ management amongst animal owners was another aspect that was so appalling as most people could not observe the basic animals freedoms as required by the animal welfare requirements principals.
• It was observed that a case for market places and there was no provision of water, no feeds were provided while waiting to be taken away.
• We noted overcrowding of Animals including birds while in transit to and from the markets.

 These attributes a raising from the survey preempted Bam Animal Clinics to take up the lead to urgently address the need to reach out to communities with a common message to help them change their attitudes.

Our strength is pivoted on our Goals and Needs:-
To Sensitize, Educate,Protect and improve the general welfare and health of the Animals. In order to achieve this, Bam would wish to obtain the following:-

Permanent residence : For many years , we have not been having our own buildings instead because of our good work , the department of animal health at Iganga offered to accommodate us but the space is very small owing to the challenges of many animals brought for our care and the organizations other activities. We therefore need land even 1acre is enough for the start to construct our official clinic.
We can have a training block for the training program especially for cpd and for the communities.

Sensitization : one or two motorcycles are very essential especially when we need to reach out to far places for a sensitization program
Education: A training program where we train in-services Vets and paravets . We realize its very important to refresh the minds of most practitioners to be able to handle most challenging tasks in animal treatments and management. We will need A car(Second hand better) for outreach programs , a hall on the land purchased for onsite trainings, a generator , a video camera, power point board , a projector,
Rescue: We have a program to rescue and provide homes to homeless dogs and cats and other homeless animals, be able to provide essential requirements like food as they await for permanent homes.
Spay and Neuter : Our clinic have a lab room and we will need , A microscope , a centrifuge , A fridge for vaccines , we need more surgical kits , Drugs eg Anesthetics , Antiotics, Antiseptics , fluids , ,,,
Treatments: Antibiotics , Antihelminths , Pour ons for treating mange and ticks on dogs and cats esp.

 We are very appreciative of any donations. And we will account for what has been donated appreciatively.