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Throughout our works , Community engagement is paramount , as they form the vanguard of people who own the animals. These are some of the many meetings we hold with the local communities during our sensitization seminars to address several issues regarding animal fare with emphasis to the 5 Feedoms.Awareness and education will change the misconception and wrong beliefs of the poeple towards animal welfare.

  • Attain behavior change, educate, inform, and promote awareness, advocacy and good practices aligned to animal welfare standards towards all sorts of animals.
  • To prevent cruelty and abuses to animals through awareness raising in the local community to proper treatment of animals and advocacy for animal rights/welfare to minimize negative impact of the animal
  • Promote to change the attitude and perception of working animal owners into culture of caring through trainings and awareness
  • To sensitize the public about the need to encourage respect for animal as living creature
  • Develop a deep feeling for animal rights/welfare and the environment based on empathy and compassion of animal
  • To awake interest and compassion for animals through school children
  • To encourage protection of habits and conservation for a better environment for all animals and humans


Primary Activities of Bam

    • Delivery of free vet care for working animals and other livestock, BAM ANIMAL CLINICS Mobile Vet Clinic provides routine free vet services such as de-worming, wounds treatment, Eyes treatments, internal and external parasite treatment, hoof trimming, lameness and respiratory diseases, promoting donkey welfare knowledge to the donkey owners/users with better donkey welfare practices
    • Radio program, in order to promote animal welfare awareness to the public BAM ANIMAL CLINICS uses Radio program messages on monthly basis to understand value of working animal welfare,
    • Carrying out Social awareness campaigns activity against abuse and cruelty of animals as well as to educate the public about animal welfare/animal rights
    • Community awareness campaigns of animal welfare activity to change misconception and primitive believes   of Somali people towards animal welfare/animal rights
    • Monthly meeting with BAM ANIMAL CLINICS stakeholders about animal welfare issues such as Ministry of Livestock, Local municipality and other animal welfare organization