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Volunteers contribute so much to Bam Animal Clinics. We need your talents and skills to keep our activities going. We depend on contributions from the community to implement all of our activities.


We hold many meetings with the local communities as part of our sensitization seminars to address several issues regarding animal rights, care, and welfare. We are proud of always getting a good turnout, courtesy of our mobilization team.

Diseases Control

Bam works hand-in-hand with all stakeholders in the veterinary field to fill the gaps that exist in service delivery.


We have witnessed dogs and cats going without meals, treatment, shelter which has led to malnutrition, escalation of diseases, roaming in towns and sometimes knocked dead or severely injured on the roads.


Proper nutrition is the best opportunity to keep your puppy healthy throughout her life. If you start her with good nutrition and give her adequate veterinary care from the beginning, her chances of developing a growth disorder.


At Bam Animal Clinicss as part of our commitments, we rescue these poor souls from the streets treate and re home them , those found dead are buried decently contrally to abandonment in places.

Spaying & Neutering

We want as much as possible, to prevent the emergences and even more animal suffering. We strive to help those who are indeed ready for neutering their animals, but lack the money for implementation.


Vaccinated dogs and cats. In this a major area of concern is scaling down the rate of the rabies' spread, a disease which has caused a great number of deaths and diver stated families in the region.