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Covid:19 Compliance


Bam is working in compliance with the Ministry Of Health Uganda, WHO and SAVA regulations, guidance, and recommendations and has put in place measures to safeguard not only our staff but also our clients, both Humans and animals.

Mass Sensitization and training campaigns that used to bring local and staff population together have been reduced to sensitization of a few individual animal owners and demos.

We have teamed up with our partners , the WTS vets united to continue training our vets online. So we introduced WhatsApp groups and or on Zoom for live communication and a range of topics related to animal welfare and health have been discussed. Participants have since shared topics on Animal care , Clinical Examination, Vaccination, Pain management , Animal legislations Infections  , animal transport among others.

Throughout our work, we maintain compliance with our country’s COVID-19 guidelines both in field and at the clinic.

•         Washing hands regularly by using soap, clean water and sanitizers.

•         Social distancing

•         Wearing of face masks in gathering

•         Using handkerchief while sneezing 

The good news is that Bam Animal Clinics received approval to move about to conduct veterinary works. However, social gatherings are banned and social distancing is enforced.

One partner Animal kind international AKI sent emergency covid-19 funds to Bam to purchase a motorcycle so we can move easily to reach remote areas in Kween and Bukwo Districts where we have a major Donkey welfare project. 

At the clinic in Iganga, we are accepting dogs and cats, with safety precautions in place.