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Our Mission Statement

BAM works in a region where animals’ rights are not fully understood by communities and the welfare status need be redefined.. People are not aware or informed about animal welfare and care, its benefits and the dangers of neglecting animals. Our goaal as Bam animal clinics is to sensitize, educate, train, protect and to improve on the general welfare of all animals. In order to achieve this, BAM puts into consideration a number of activities and guiding principles as seen hereunder:-.

We encourage skills training and skills transfer to our welfare officers through practical and theoretical trainings.We put and enhance the sheltering of homeless dogs/cats at household and community levels. This has led to a great reduction in the killing of homeless dogs and cats on roads through food poisoning and accidents.

Have a handful of ready to train Vets and paravets through our CPD project. We have been sensitizing communities on animal birth control methods to reduce on over proliferation.. In addition, we have adopted spaying and neutering programs at different designated program centres and these are called Spay/ Neuter clinics.

We have taken further steps in educating the population about the dangers of having stray and homeless, unvaccinated dogs and cats on radios, in markets and sometimes from home to home. In this our major area of concern in scaling down the rate of rabies spread(a zoonotic diseases) a disease which has caused a great number of deaths in the region, devastated families and entire communities. We have since carried out rabies vaccinations in the several sub counties in Iganga, Namutumba, Bugiri, Luuka and Jinja districts.

We have created a strong linkage and referral system with other veterinarians, with mutual goals, this has helped us expand the coverage of our program activities in the different parts of the country like a case where a machete holding thief attached and severely injured a service dog called champ was 400km away from our centre. The thief then attacked and killed the owner that night champ was left unattended to for some time and wound was seen almost severed the entire face. It took to our intervention when we were alerted by a FB who had seen this dog posted by a Ugandan. We then engaged him in treatment with the help of Makerere University under the supervision of Dr Acion (RIP) till champ recovered.

We have since participated in several animal Field Day events eg World Rabies day in Buyende, Kiryandongo and other major events. The Bam team has over the last three years been participating in regional surmits organized for Africa animal welfare organizations and have been commended for their contributions.

We have since 2016 Organized several successful training Workshops sponsored by our partners the WTG Vets United, a Germany based animal welfare/health charity organization where more that 360 trainees successfully attended and got certificates in Improving Animal Welfare/health.