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Spaying & Neutering

The neutering of dogs and cats in our opinion is very important and urgent, and we have tried to put much emphasis on it ~ (see our page on FB ~Bam Animal Clinicss)because it is in this way that it is possible to prevent that every year, countless dogs and cats-children are left without homes and food.

So we dedicate this project the most attention, because no effect is more lasting than the prevention of new life, but which then ends up back in poverty. Not that we are against life, no, but we want and need to try to prevent that in a world where the animals will be disposed of as trash, dogs and cats multiply unhindered.

We want as much as possible, to prevent the emergences and even more animal suffering. We strive to help those who are indeed ready for neutering their animals, but lack the money for implementation. This process may be somewhat expensive, but we would need to ensure transparency.  We want to give control to create trust. Please support our Neutering project.Thank you