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Developmental Growth Disorders in Puppies

Proper nutrition is the best opportunity to keep your puppy healthy throughout her life. If you start her with good nutrition and give her adequate veterinary care from the beginning, her chances of developing a growth disorder are greatly reduced.

We were called in to save the life of this dog which was discovered to have been poisoned with food . Such are some of the several cases we receive at our clinic.

Serious Illness, Accidents and Surgery in Dogs

Imagine being hurt or injured and not able to ask for what you need to feel better. That is exactly what your dog feels during a serious illness, or after an accident or surgery
Our staff while treating a sick Dog .

Cancer in Dogs

In many ways, your dog is a lot like you. You both need the basics of proper nutrition and exercise to stay active and healthy. The bad news: Dogs can develop cancer, just like humans. The good news: Dogs have cancer treatments, just like humans.