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Bam Animal Clinics is an animal welfare/health charity organization founded in August 2009. It was birthed out of love and concern for pets living in the hands of cruel "masters", those that had no homes and spent their entire lifetime on the streets, scratching through the garbage for a bone and also the concern about the lives of other domestic animals living in poor conditions.

Before the organization's formation, the founder DR David Balondemu worked with the department of veterinary services in Iganga district, he recalls the number of cases presented at the office then regarding dogbites and how the victim dogs were treated , either killed or beatten severely and consequently isolated. There was total chaos and something was to be done to imrpove the welfare of animals in the country.

In 2008 we joined hands with five colleagues and were tasked to keep moving to communities to sensitize and educate communities about how best they needed to keep and manage their animals and the benefits there after. In 2009 we joined a bigger campaign against animal cruelty formed Bam Animal Clinics, and registered it as a Non Governmental Charity organization . Since then we have had thousands of dogs, cats and other animals rescued from the streets, re-homed, treated, spayed and neutered and have adopted several disease control measures.

We have since written articles on animal cruelty, pressed politicians to incorporate animal rights enhancement in our manifestos, especially the right to health and fair treatment, and had animal treatment measures incorporated in Iganga Community work plans.

We have been since partnered with the WTS-Vets United organization in a bid to strengthen our grip on widening the scope of addressing the welfare/health of animals in Uganda. The WTS-Vets United is now sponsring our CPD project in animal welfare which kick-started on 1st May 2019.