Our Activities

The aim of the Organization is to RESCUE, EDUCATION, PROTECT and IMPROVE the lives of the animals. In order to achieve this BAC puts into considerations a number of activities and guiding principles as below:

•  The Clinic supports and enhances the sheltering of homeless dogs and cats at household and community level. This has led to a great reduction in the killing of dogs and cats on roads and through food poisoning.

•  BAC has established Veterinary networks to continuously supply information and awareness to the population regarding pet's purposes and management.

•  Bam sensitizes the communities on animal birth control methods to reduce over proliferation. This is done at household, community and district levels through

Veterinary networks. In addition, the Clinic adopted spaying and neutering programs at the different designated program centers.

•  The Clinic educates the population about the dangers of having homeless, unvaccinated dogs and cats. In this a major area of concern is scaling down the rate of the rabies, a disease which has caused a great number of deaths, devastated families and entire communities.

•  BAC has created a strong linkage and referral system with other Veterinarians to continuously improve on diagnosis and treatment of animals in the region.

•  We are promoting animal welfare through CPD type of training for Vets and Veterinary paraprofessionals (VPPS) having been mandated by the UVB as CPD service providers in animal welfare.

•  The Donkey welfare project where we train donkey owners how to make easy to use Sisal Saddles, to help address issues of wounds both at the backs and behind their tails. These wounds are created as a result of bad saddles or use of ropes for harnessing the donkeys.

•  We promote reproduction and productivity though training especially of farming groups through training. We have ready to train experts in Dairy, piggery, apiary, Poultry and rabbits' productions.

•  We offer advisory services and informal education to animal owners.

Bam is at the center stage of educating communities with emphasis to promoting animal welfare/health. This is because, good welfare results into improved production and reproduction. We train communities about: Humane handling, Diseases control and prevention, Humane slaughters, Population management basics, animal transport procedures for the local animal species and the basic five freedoms among others.