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Volunteers are an important part of the Bam Animal Clinics.We need your talents and skills. It takes a lot to keep our shelter and activities going, and we depend on contributions from the community. Share your abilities and help us to keep are strong and effective team .

We would like volunteers who will provide care and handling of animals at household units especially in the rural and peri-urban communities with little animal welfare knowledge. Who will provide clinical / outreach mobile services in animal health services, including surgical interventions, population management especially in dogs, pets rabies vaccinations; monitoring and reporting cruelty and abuse of animals, animals being transported - working animals - animals used in experiments - animals at slaughter.

If you're interested in giving us the very valuable gift of your time, please contact the Bam Animal Clinics directly. for volunteering .

Volunteers at the fleas and Ticks control program in Namungalwe s/c.

At Bam Animal Clinics , we have  passion for pets and are committed to helping them enjoy happier, healthier and longer lives.

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