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Covid:19 Compliance

Lorry drivers working across East Africa are demanding faster
test results for Covid-19 at border .

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Community Education

We offer an advisory service and informal education to pet owners. At Bam we provide a dynamic two-way connection with the community, answering their queries about everything concerning their animals.

Diseases Control

Rabies is a fatal disease and a terrible way to die by the virus that causes it! The disease infects both humans and animals, mostly through bites from dogs. But there are easy ways to avoid rabies infections. Bam helps communities stay safe.

Spaying & Neutering

We want to prevent unwanted births of cats and dogs and the resulting animal suffering that is caused by overpopulation of unwanted animals. We strive to spay or neuter all cats and dogs. We do not let the lack of money dictate which animals get sterilized-even for those pet owners who are unable to pay, we will sterilize their pets.

Bam Animal Clinics

Our Mission Statement

Engage community members in animal welfare in support of a holistic One Health Approach and sustainable development.

Bam Animal Clinics is an Animal-Kind International Partner Organization. Donations to Bam Animal Clinics can be made through AKI.

Our Team

Our Ability To Deliver Outstanding Results For Our Clients Starts With Our Team Of Smart, Capable Experts. We Come From a Diverse Set of Experiences.